Daventry Bowling Club Club Celebration and Concert - 2008

This concert was a great success in a fantastic venue, with a great audience who came willing to sing. Some of the band thought it was only fair that as the audience sang along with us, they'd have a go at bowling... I think they should stick to blowing brass instruments, but you can judge for yourself!

Concert at Newbottle Manor in aid of the Newbottle Church - 2008


We performed in a marquee in the courtyard to an audience with a buffet - Nigel provided additional entertainment with his Tommy Cooper jokes (the list WILL be confiscated!). It was a fun evening enjoyed by all.

Photos Kindly supplied by L & D Goodacre.


Gambia Fundraising Concert For Hannah and Claire - 2008

Our Principal Cornet and Flugel Horn players were off to the Gambia to teach and this concert was to raise money for their travel... the concert was a great success, with solos from Hannah, Claire, Nikki, Nick and even our MD, Nigel! Members of the audience participated on stage with percussion... and at the end of the night we received a standing ovation... WHAT A NIGHT!