Soprano Cornet - Allan Meller

Started my Banding career with Daventry and District Silver Band way back in 1956, I have to thank Les Clare for his enthusiasm in teaching the youth of that era all about Brass Banding. 

Have spent all my time with Daventry and nearly enjoyed every minute. 

All my playing experience has been with Daventry, though have helped out most of the local Bands, mainly on Sop which I started playing back in the early 70s when Les Overall retired. Now back on the Bf Cornet, I’m still enjoying banding but not the same buzz one gets from being above the rest of the Band musically!

There have been many highlights, especially when winning a contest after a lot of work. The one that really springs to mind is when the youth band that I ran during the late 70s early 80s won a junior contest at Corby. I actually burst into tears when the results were given out, I was so happy for all who in the Youth Band had taken part. 

As already mentioned my time with Daventry started in the mid 50s, it has been a real roller coaster ride. I have a lot of people to thank for teaching me to play, and had the pleasure of thirty odd years on Soprano Cornet. In addition I have been keen to teach the rudiments of playing Brass instruments to any interested person. This in an effort to maintain the world of Brass Banding in Daventry and also pass on the pleasure this gives locally. One of the other enjoyment one gets from the Brass band world is the friendship one develops not only within your own Band but throughout the Brass Band world.  

One that I will never forget is when in the Finals on Radio Birmingham I managed to play on air a tricky few bars all about a tone to high on the Sop, the adudicator was quite impressed! Goes with the motto for Sopranos cock it up with confidence, Another funny was when playing at Duston Fete one of our Bass players leant back in his chair while playing, the rear chair legs broke and he ended up with the Bass in the hedge. I don’t think alcohol was involved!

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